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Why You Should Choose Our Company for Your Linen & Uniform Services

why choose our company

As a leading linen and uniform service provider in the Houston area, we want to make sure that each and every one of our customers feels valued and can see the difference when they get their supply from Gorman.

From working in the industry for over 70 years to our passionate, detail-oriented team, we can confidently say that our services have the power to make a difference in your day and your business. When you get your linens and uniforms supplied and laundered by Gorman, you’ll have the time again to run your business the way you intended to.

Why choose our company? It’s simple – working with us is an easy, positive experience. Here’s how:

We are passionate about what we do.

Our customer service isn’t just great because of an optimal training regimen we follow; it’s great because we hire quality individuals who have a passion to serve our customers! What this leads to is quick response times and the availability to speak with whomever you need, including our in-house customer service managers, service representatives and in-house graphics team.

We then make sure to go a step further and send you our Gorman Uniform Satisfaction Survey. This helps us make sure that we are providing services that are not only up to par, but exceed the expectations of our customers. It gives us a true look at the perspectives of our customers so we can always find ways to continue improving and expanding our business.

We value the details.

From our-state-of-the art cleaning system to our garment inspection process to how we personalize our services to your business, we pay attention to every detail along the way.

We care about the longevity and comfort of your uniforms, which is why we have invested in a computerized dispensing system that manages the level of detergents used during laundering and we only use high-grade, low alkaline soaps. This means you get soft, comfortable uniforms that are washed correctly every time.

Not only this, but we have inspectors on staff who are in charge of checking each and every garment for damage such as holes, rips, tears and other potential problems. But best of all, if we find a damaged item, there is no extra charge to you! We’ll mend the item and then return it back to you in optimal condition.

We have the years in business to prove our expertise.

This isn’t a new endeavor our business is embarking upon – we’ve been helping individuals like you for over 70 years! That’s where we get the professionality in our staff and the training to turn every employee into an expert.

Our years in the business give us the know-how to provide you easy-to-use services, anticipate your questions and concerns, and provide you the quality products your business needs. Our services are flexible, our service agreement is strong, and our people are a pleasure to work with.

Contact us today at 713-467-5424! We’ll be happy to assist you!

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