How Uniform Service Beats the Texas Summer Heat

Texas summers are notorious for heat, humidity, storms, and all problems summer-related! Your business might not have the right uniform to keep your employees protected through it all.

Here’s how a Texas uniform service can help you beat the summer heat:

1. Expanding your uniform options to accommodate rising temperatures

Higher temperatures can decrease worker productivity. As a result, keeping them as comfortable as possible in any condition is good, and having a uniform service that can cater to that need is hugely beneficial.

Outfitting your entire workforce for the summer just to do it again in a couple of months is expensive and time-consuming. That’s where the right Texas uniform rental service can help. A rental service allows you to expand your inventory to accommodate hot weather needs. It does so while inflicting minimal damage to your finances.

2. Securing your uniform supply through the increased uniform demands in the summer months

In higher temperatures, we are more inclined to change clothes more often than usual. After all, no one likes working through the discomfort of sweaty clothes. Someone’s uniform in the morning is not likely to last by the shift’s end without needing laundering. Letting employees work in their casual clothes is not a reliable option. A Texas uniform service can help you meet these rising demands without the commitment of an upfront investment.

3. Helping keep your uniforms clean throughout the season

Texas summers are as challenging to your work uniforms as they are to your employees. We are sweatier, the air is dustier, and we are generally dirtier. All these gross summer facts are harder on your company uniforms, making them trickier to clean. Clothes endure everything from collar and sweat stains to unpleasant smells.

None of this is good news, especially for uniforms in customer-facing positions. That’s why your summer uniform laundry needs are best left in the hands of experts. Professional laundering and industrial laundry equipment can bring the best, cleanest, and freshest results for your uniform laundry needs. You can get all that without any added effort to you or your employees.

Your Best Choice for Texas Uniform Service

Who else could better get you through the worst of Texas summers than the best uniform service company in Texas? Gorman Uniform has the expertise and the solutions for your needs:

We’ve been around for over 60 years. 

We are among the longest-lasting uniform service providers in the area. That means we’ve developed not just unparalleled expertise in our field. We’ve also developed an instinct for client needs. This guides us towards the right solutions that deliver results that actually work.

We’re in the neighborhood! 

We are right here in Houston, working through the same grueling Texas summers that you’re going through. As a result, we understand your uniform service needs this summer. And we are here to help you through them.

We keep it personal. 

Our secret to success has always been through keeping you and your needs close to us. There are real people working behind the phone lines. They work tirelessly to respond to you as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We use the best technology. 

We have invested in some of the best technology to help bring you the best uniform service in Houston. From the laundry room to our customer response room, you can trust that we are powering your solutions with advanced equipment.

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