In this day and age, it’s not enough to simply provide an excellent product or service. You need the technology to match. At Gorman, we use unsurpassable technology to make sure your uniforms are tracked, inspected for damages, and made available for you to view online.

100% Accuracy In Your Delivery!

Generation 3 UHF Chips To Track Your Uniform Rentals

 – Ultra high-frequency chips. These chips are attached to your garments, making them easier to track and harder to lose.

 – Multiple scans through process. Throughout the laundering process, the garments are scanned so we have current information about their condition.

 – Onsite garment scanning. We bring our technology directly to your facility with onsite garment scanning.

 – Real-time tracking of garments from pickup to delivery. At each point, from the moment garments are picked up to the moment they’re delivered, our system is updated to show where they are.

Custom Technology Exclusively For Our Uniform Tracking

– Truck-based scanning system. Our truck-based scanning system takes Gorman’s unique scanning system on the road.

– Online repair system. With our online repair system, it’s easy to identify and repair damaged and worn-down garments.

– Automated workflows with logged quality inspection steps. Because of our technology, we are able to provide a much quicker and more efficient service, so you can get your garments back in a timely manner. Quality is still of the utmost importance to us, though, which is why we make sure your garments are inspected regularly for quality throughout our processes.

– Verified garment inspection at each cleaning. We inspect your garments for any possible rips, tears, stains or other damages, making sure you don’t receive any products back in worse condition than when you first acquired them.

Precise Tracking

User Portal

Online Account Management

– More than just “what I owe.” It’s not uncommon today for businesses to bill you online. But Gorman’s online account management goes beyond just telling you what you owe.

– Add or remove wearers online. When you hire a new employee or lose an employee, the number of uniforms you need gets impacted. We’ve simplified the process of making these updates to your order by allowing you to make changes online.

– View garment scans online. Gorman values transparency, which is why you’re able to view your garment scans online.

– Real-time process information (track your clothes through our plant). The tracking information we have on your items as they are picked up, laundered throughout our plant, inspected and delivered is all available for you to view for your account.

– Track garment orders and changes online. Our online programs allow you to track your garment orders and changes from wherever you are.

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