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Safety in Springtime: How To Prepare Your Business for Spring

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Is business safety in spring on your mind? It should be! Spring is coming! This time is ripe not only for the birds, the butterflies, and the blooming flowers. It’s also the perfect time to jumpstart the rest of the season. How are you getting your business ready for spring?  

A clean space is a safe space. Here are some tips to help prep your business for springtime:

Steps for Ensuring Business Safety in Spring

The end of winter doesn’t mean the end of business troubles. In many cases, the trouble is just getting started. Here are some steps you can take to mitigate problems carried in by spring.

1. Do a massive inspection of your entire facility. 

The winter season can be quite brutal, and your facility can take the brunt of it. This can mean a whole host of issues – from flooring damage from flooding to irregularities in roofing to plumbing issues. Make sure to give your facility a thorough inspection inside and out.

2. Start with a (spring) clean slate. 

Spring is, of course, synonymous with spring cleaning. Aside from making sure that you have fixed the past season’s issues, it is just as important to start fresh. As much as we love a good scrub down, it can be challenging, particularly if you have a mid-to larger-sized space. You’ll risk missing out on important areas or doing a so-so cleaning job.

A good strategy is to compartmentalize your space according to areas. Do it in a span of days, instead of doing it all at once. For instance, you can start with a top-to-bottom clean of your pantry and then proceed to another smaller area. Make sure to have plenty of wiping towels on hand, alongside a range of all-purpose cleaning chemicals. Your supply essentials should also include quality dust mops and sanitized wet mops. Have multiple on hand and several for each room/area. That way, you won’t risk cross-contaminating your areas.

3. Restock the hygiene essentials. 

Is it pollen? Or is it the flu? The changing of the season can make people sick. Your employees’ sniffles can be a little allergy or the start of a cold outbreak. You can never leave these types of things to chance. The season change is always a good chance to check up on your hygiene products. 

A thorough inspection of your restroom inventory should be part of your spring cleaning. Make sure that your restrooms are fully stocked with the essentials. This includes hand soaps, hand cleaners, and sanitizers. It is also a good time to inspect which areas need more access to sanitizers and hand cleaners. These areas are considered high-touch and people need easy access to sanitizers.

4. Load up on your floor mats. 

Spring means a lot of rain. Unfortunately, a lot of rain creates a lot of mud. Make sure to stock up on your floor mat supplies. Fortify your defenses against tracked-in mud and dirt by layering your floor mats – especially high-traffic protection mats. And keep your floor mat rental service provider on speed dial. You’ll need their services throughout the season!

Gorman Can Help Your Business Get Ready for Spring!

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