When you need counter coats that are clean, stylish, and functional, trust only the expertise of Gorman Uniform!

Our family operations ensure professional-grade service with a personal approach that you can’t get elsewhere.

Counter Coats for Your Facility

Gorman Uniform is your number one source of high-quality, clean counter coats for your facility:

  • Presentable design and appearance. Function meets form excellently in these specially designed coats from Gorman. They come in high-quality materials and designs that boost the professional, reliable, and clean appearance of your employees.  
  • Durable counter coats for daily use. Daily use and the strains of laundering have got nothing on these coats from Gorman. Made of durable material expertly crafted for longevity and functionality, our coats are ready for anything.
  • Protected by Gorman-quality maintenance services. No threat is ever too big or too difficult for Gorman laundry services! Your counter coats are protected and maintained under our stringent, scientifically formulated laundry program to make sure that they are clean, safe, and ready to use!

Top-Notch Maintenance, Top-Notch Protection

Gorman Uniform maintains the highest standards of quality in the products that we offer, as well as the expertise with which we oversee the upkeep of these products. With Gorman, you can trust that your coats are always in their best condition.

This means that each counter coat delivered by us is clean, safe to use, and flawlessly ironed with no visible signs of distress, overuse, or wear and tear. We understand that these counter coats not only protect your employees but also boost their professional appearance.

Where else can you get the unbeatable combination of convenience, protection, and reliability for your counter coat and other uniform needs?

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