Is your Texas business in need of kitchen floor protectors? Only the best mats will do which is why you need a trusted and reliable partner to provide you what you need. Now it’s just a matter of finding the right provider throughout all of Texas’s many mat services. We’re here to end your search. 

Get High-Quality Kitchen Floor Protectors from Gorman Uniforms

Gorman Uniforms is a needle in the haystack of Texas mat services. We have been in the industry since 1948 and have made a name for ourselves by providing the best kitchen floor protectors in the industry!


Kitchen floors are some of the highest traffic and dirtiest locations in any foodservice business. They need that extra layer of defense that can only be found in Gorman Uniforms’s kitchen floor protectors. We build our stock tough enough to withstand continued use over long periods of time and to keep floors clean. 


No mat lasts forever which is why we maintain each one ourselves. Included in our mat service, we closely monitor each product to ensure that it is ready for use in our clients’ kitchens. If it isn’t, our experienced specialists take care of repairs and replacements themselves. Our goal is to take worrying about mats off our clients’ plates. We do this by providing such high-quality maintenance they can’t tell a new mat from a reused one.


Your kitchen staff spends a lot of time on their feet. Provide them the comfort they need to excel with our mats! We make each of our products with users in mind which is why we exhaustively test each mat to meet our high comfort standards. We will only provide our clients with a product we are confident will solve problems for them, not create more. 

Gorman Uniforms Has the Best Kitchen Floor Protectors in Texas!

Get in touch with Gorman Uniforms today for durable, well-maintained, and comfortable kitchen floor protectors! Call us at (713) 467-5424 or drop us a line here for more information on our products and services. 

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