Protect your employees, customers, and business with quality hallway runner lobby mats from Gorman Uniform. No matter what business you’re in, protecting your customers and employees is vital for success.

Our line of hallway runner lobby mats will protect employees and customers in some of your most hazard-prone areas. With a combination of high-quality material, construction, and care, our hallway runner lobby mats are just what you’re looking for.

Here’s what you’ll get from our mats:

High-Quality Product 

No matter how high-traffic your hallways and lobbies are, our hallway runner lobby mats are up for the task. With thoughtful design, professional engineering, and expert construction, our mats will not let you down. 

The Sizes You Need

With a variety of sizes of hallway runner lobby mats, Gorman Uniform can equip your business with the exact mat it needs. No business is the same, so we offer a variety of sizes to ensure every need can be met.

Full Protection in Every Condition

When it’s raining, every shoe brings water inside, which can lead to some dangerous situations. The last thing you want in your business is a slip and fall, yet, the possibility is always there. Having a high-quality, always clean hallway runner lobby mat provides these areas exactly what they need: a foothold. No matter how wet the floor gets, these rubber-backed, traction-inducing mats can be relied on. 

Dirt and Dust Reduction

It’s not just water that can make for dangerous slip and fall situations. If too much dirt builds up on the floor, it not only looks bad, but is just as slippery! An employee can vigilantly guard the floors of dirt and debris, or you can install reliable mats to do just that. Unlike a person, a high-quality floor mat is alway on guard and ready to capture and hold any offending debris. Not only do these quality hallway runner lobby mats make your business safer, but they make it cleaner too. 

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If you’re ready to protect your customers, employees, and business with high-quality hallway runner lobby mats, contact us today. We can be reached at (713) 467-5424 or by contacting us here.


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