Getting better protection for your floors is now more accessible than ever with Gorman Uniform’s line of delivery area floor mats! And because it is from Gorman, there is no second-guessing the quality nor the reliability of the service. It’s efficiency, quality, and satisfaction in one trusted bundle!

Delivery Area Mats for Your Business

These heavy-duty floor mats have everything you need and more for your business. Our delivery area mats are designed exactly for the parts of your business that get pounded by heavy foot traffic and load from your frequent deliveries. These mats are especially ideal for restaurants, warehouses, logistics facilities, stores, and other businesses that receive cargo regularly.

Gorman Uniform ensures that all of our delivery area mats have the qualities you need including:


Our floor mats are engineered to last. They are made to give your floors the additional support your business needs.

Selection Range 

Our delivery area floor mats come in a range of colors and sizes to match the size of your needs. 

High Traction

Our delivery area floor mats are equipped with high-traction features for added safety and stability, especially for your delivery workers.

Professional Maintenance

Like all Gorman Uniform floor mats, our heavy-duty delivery area floor mats are maintained in a professional maintenance facility for optimum cleanliness and preservation of its durability and traction.

Gorman: More Than Just Uniforms

Gorman Uniform is not just your Houston go to for all of your commercial uniform needs. Our expertise and reliability extend into helping you take care of your business’s floors with our top-notch floor mat rental service.

We have a range of floor mats to choose from, suitable for a variety of industries and businesses. All of our floor mat services are delivered in the same reliable, excellent quality that Gorman Uniform has been known for since 1948.

For our clients, that means convenience and ease of doing business. That means on-time deliveries, services suited to your needs, and a partnership that goes deeper than just a transaction.

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