Are your floor mats giving you the optimum protection that it deserves? Are spills and stains so commonplace in your business space that they begin to threaten damage to your floors? If so,  it might be time to make a switch to Gorman Uniform’s Coffee Spill Mats!

Our coffee spill mats are designed for busy business spaces where something is always spilling. Café’s, bars, and cafeterias can all benefit from our mats! 

Coffee Spill Mats from Gorman Uniform

Keep your floors cleaner and safer for longer with coffee spill mats only from Gorman Uniform! Our floor mats are:

  • Long-lasting. They can weather any spill and storm! Gorman’s coffee spill mats are made of high-quality materials for superior durability.
  • Ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. Our mats, with high-traction and high-durability capacities, make for the best addition to your busy spaces or high-spill areas like counters, bars, office pantries, cafeteria queue, etc. 
  • Always Clean! The coffee spill mats are treated with the same precision methods and strict standards that come with all Gorman products and services.  

Appearance + Cleanliness + Safety

Gorman Uniform’s selection of spill mats are the all-in-one solution for protecting to your floors while fast-tracking the cleaning process:

Keeps Moisture From Seeping Into Floors

Coffee spill mats help prevent water damage to your expensive floors by preventing the spills and other liquids from seeping onto your flooring. This is especially crucial if you have the type of flooring that does not do well with excess moisture (i.e. hardwood). With a coffee spill mat and a little extra care, your floors become protected from costly water damage and unsightly wear and tear. 

Improves Ease of Floor Cleaning 

Spills like coffee and other sugary drinks are terrible to clean. They leave this pesky film that, when not cleaned properly, can stick on the surface and attract dirt that is nearly impossible to clean. And if you’re unlucky and spill sweet, dark-colored drinks, you can end up permanently staining your flooring! Coffee spills mats prevent all that from happening. The coffee spill mat takes all the beating, your mat rental service provider does all the cleaning. And your floor remains unblemished and requires no more than occasional dusting.

Increases Protection Against Slip and Fall Accidents

Wet surfaces, along with uneven surfaces, collectively account for 55% of the most predominant causes of slip and fall accidents. Your coffee spill mat makes sure the spaces most vulnerable for spills (counters, bars, takeout kiosks) stay protected and that your clients and workers are safe.  

Ready to Improve Your Business’s Safety and Cleanliness?

Give us a call today to get started on your coffee spill mat service from Gorman Uniform. Call us at (713) 467-5424 or leave us a message here

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