For the areas of your business that regularly take a beating, you need premium floor matting protection. Not only will our quality line of area protection mats keep your floors safe, but they’ll also protect employees and customers. 

Whether it’s a matter of high traffic or extreme activity (like weight lifting or prolonged standing), our mats have your business covered. When you get your area protection mats from Gorman Uniform, you’re getting premium quality and great customer service. 

Here’s what Gorman Uniform’s area protection mats will do for you: 

Consistent and Safe

How your business looks is important to how it’s perceived by customers. If they meet a scuffed, damaged floor upon arrival, that doesn’t set a great impression. A quality, regularly cared for area protection mat can keep the floor safe and impressions positive. The floors and employees alike benefit from quality area protection mats. They’re kept safe, the floors are kept sound, and customers are appreciative. 

High-Quality Material

A key to consistent customer satisfaction is providing consistent quality. Low-quality area protection mats wear down quickly and can become more problematic than helpful. Mats rented through Gorman Uniform are always made of quality materials. They work more effectively and are built to last.

Professional Care and Maintenance

If a floor mat isn’t cared for professionally and consistently, it won’t be in use for as long as it was made to be. Gorman Uniform has the experience and equipment to keep your mat looking new every time you get it delivered. 

Customer Service That Cares

If you’re not happy with any part of your experience with Gorman Uniform, we want to know and do something about it. We strive to keep you satisfied, and will do everything we can to do so. For more information, give us a call at 713-467-5424 or contact us here.

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