All anti-static mats are not created equal. Some are great, but some are better than others. Pick the better choice. Pick Gorman Uniform’s anti-static floor mats!

Our selection is designed for multiple functionality with protection against EDS, dirt, moisture, slip-and-fall accidents, and premature wear and tear!

Superior-Quality Anti-Static Mats

Get better protection for your business space with high-quality anti-static mats from Gorman Uniform! Our product selection will meet your needs in a quality and exceed your expectations. Our anti-static mats and floor mat services feature:

  • Excellent anti-static technology. Ideal for areas with high static risks, anti-static mats from Gorman Uniforms provide added safety for your equipment and your team.
  • Great anti-slip capacities. Gorman’s anti-static mats have top-notch anti-slip features. High-traction backing makes sure that they stay in place, preventing costly and life-threatening slip and fall accidents.
  • Top-notch floor protection. Our anti-static mats have high-absorbency qualities that prevent dirt and moisture from ending up on your floors.
  • Durability beyond compare. Designed especially for commercial use, Gorman Uniform’s anti-static mats endure both the challenges of heavy foot traffic and harsh washing procedures.
  • Professional services guaranteed. From ordering to delivery to routine replacements and cleaning services, Gorman Uniform ensures professionalism every step of the way!


Gorman: The Reliable Provider

Our competitors can claim to have the best products, and maybe even the cheapest rates. At Gorman Uniform, we keep it simple: consistent reliability – and it can’t get better than that.

Consistent reliability means never having to worry about late deliveries or surprise fees. Reliability means knowing you can make a last-minute change and we’ll work with you. Reliability is knowing that each product delivered to your business has been checked and rechecked to make sure they are ready and safe to use, and that they have been serviced professionally to maintain integrity and quality. It is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone has your back – always. That’s what Gorman can do for you.

Experience Reliable Services from Gorman Today

Peace of mind is priceless. Get floor mat services without the guesswork. Contact Gorman Uniform today at (713) 467-5424 for anti-static mats and more. 

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