If positions in your business require employees to stand for long periods of time, consider ergonomic mats. Ergonomic mats greatly benefit employees who suffer or could suffer from joint damage or muscular strain. 

Whether you run a hospital, assembly line, warehouse, or hotel, there’s standing room for ergonomic mats. 

Why Invest in Ergonomic Mats

An investment in ergonomic mats is an investment in your employees. Not only does it tell them that they’re valued and cared for, but it could also improve their performance. 

Imagine this: your knees start to ache after four hours into an eight hour shift on an assembly line. Are you going to have the same energy or concentration in the last four hours as the first? Not likely. You’ll be thinking about the sharp pain working its way up your leg. Worry, distraction, rubbing, applying topicals, all in the hopes of alleviating that pain, keeps your mind off the job.

From an employer’s perspective, this is not ideal. Distracted, low-energy employees make mistakes, and mistakes can be expensive. If that same employee has an ergonomic mat to stand on, things would be different. 

The pain could be lessened or even eliminated. 

Avoid Poor-Quality Ergonomic Mats

It doesn’t take a great deal of searching to find some amazing deals on ergonomic mats. The problem with cheap mats is that they break down easily. What happens when an ergonomic mat breaks down is it first loses its support, then its traction, then its body. Unfortunately for your employee relying on it, the mat is useless as soon as the support goes. 

That’s why, if you’re getting an ergonomic mat, invest in a quality one.

Gorman Uniform is Here With High-Quality Mat Rentals

When your mats come through Gorman, you’re not only getting the quality your employees need, but you’re also getting reliable service.That means your mats are no longer your problem. When the mats need cleaning, they’re taken and replaced. If they’re not fit for operation, you get new ones. 

With Gorman Uniform, nothing is second-rate. Not the products and not the service. To join our satisfied customers, call us at (713) 467-5424 or visit our website for more information.

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