Whether you are rebranding towards a more eco-conscious brand or are simply reinforcing your business’ sustainable practices, Gorman’s Biodegradable, recyclable paper towels are what you need for your restrooms!

Greener Options for the Eco-Conscious Business

The biodegradable paper towel alternatives from Gorman Uniform’s facility services are the best options for the eco-conscious business. These paper towels hit all the marks on sustainability and low-carbon footprint goals

For one, these paper towels are made only of recycled paper. They are also made using eco-conscious methods that use less power and less water than regular recycled and non-recycled paper options. Additionally, because they do not contain any additional chlorine, dyes, and artificial fragrance, they are safe even for the most sensitive skin.

Gorman Makes It Better, Easier

The biodegradable paper CRTs are part of the Gorman Uniform facility services. Like all the other services that are part of this program, we deliver the paper products conveniently, with optimum efficiency.

We make sure that your products arrive regularly and on-time, preventing costly and unnecessary shortages in your supply.

About Gorman Uniform

Gorman Uniform has been a trusted name in the Texas commercial linen and uniform rental service scene. We have been providing expert services since 1948, helping businesses grow and achieve their best versions with our reliable services and VIP-customer care treatment.

Our facility services are no different – with guaranteed topnotch quality products and even better services that go with it. No matter the size of your business, or the gravity of your service needs, you can trust Gorman to give you quality results and complete satisfaction.

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