Don’t waste money on hand dryers when paper towels are more effective!

Paper towels can remove approximately 77% of residual bacteria following hand washing! Its competitor air hand dryer can only achieve a little over 40% of reduced bacteria, making it an unnecessary purchase. Spend your money and your efforts in the right places and on the right items – that’s why we suggest getting a consistent paper towel supply from Gorman Uniform.

Why Paper Towels From Gorman?

Since 1948, Gorman has specialized in the laundering and supplying of quality products. Our brand has expanded into providing not only uniform services to local businesses, but also into providing them with dust control and restroom products that aid in the cleanliness of their facilities. That’s because we know many factors go into the success of running your business, not just your uniforms.

We know that the branding of your business isn’t just about quality marketing and having nice things like company apparel – it’s also about focusing on what’s important to your customers. That includes things as simple as making sure that they don’t have to dry their hands on their pants after using the restroom. But even if you offer paper towels, there’s always the risk of running out.

That’s why, at Gorman, we not only provide you the restroom supplies you need, but we offer our products through a restock program that helps you make sure that you always have what you need on hand. With a Gorman paper towel program you get:

 – Quality restroom products consistently delivered to you on-time when you need them

 – A range of other services to choose from to add onto your program, such as uniforms, floor mats, dust control and other facility services

 – Customer service that makes it easy to get your needs taken care of

 – A flexible service that works with your specific business needs and availability

Why You Should Get Your Paper Towels Through A Restock Program

Your business has other priorities to focus on that are much more important than paper towels. But someone needs to handle it. When you get your paper towels through a restock program:

 – You don’t have to worry as much about your restroom supply

 – You’ll never run out of paper towels

 – You can meet your other facility service needs by adding on other supplies

 – Everything is delivered to you, so you never have to worry about having to leave your business to purchase your supply

The Best Facility Services in Houston

Our reputation in the business since 1948 shows our dedication to providing you with quality products and services combined with customer service that will walk you through every step of the way.

We have selected the best products across all of our services, so you get everything encompassed into one service – the products you need at the quality you need, delivered right to you.

Our accurate billing, on-time delivery, quality products, excellent customer service and state-of-the-art technology make us a leading facility service provider in the Houston area.

Fulfill your paper towel needs by calling Gorman Uniform today! Simply dial 713-467-5424 to get your free quote and get started!

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