You can’t keep your facility hygienic without a continual stock of hand cleaners!

Picture this – someone uses the restroom and approaches the sink only to find nothing to clean their hands with. Disgusted but left with no choice, they proceed to touch your door handles, items and surfaces in your business space, and potentially even someone else’s hands in a handshake! Then that person continues the process of spreading germs.

Not only does this sound gross but it really is unhealthy for your business space. These bacteria can lead to unpleasant sickness, such as the flu or gastrointestinal illness, in your employees and customers.

Therefore, making sure you have a steady supply of quality hand cleaners available for anyone who goes into the bathroom or needs to clean their hands may seem like a minor to-do but can actually be quite critical for your business.

But Why Hand Cleaners from Gorman?

Chances are, you are too busy to constantly check on and reorder bathroom supplies as needed. This means eventually there may be a slip-up when you do not have enough supplies in stock to properly manage your bathrooms.

When you get your soap, hand cleaners, and hand sanitizers from Gorman, you don’t need to worry about how much soap you have. We offer our supplies through a restock program to make sure you always have what you need in stock. All it takes is noticing that your soaps are beginning to run low, a walk over to storage and then refilling your hand cleaner. You won’t need to worry about knowing the right time to reorder – we have that part handled.

Not only is a restock program important, but also just making sure that you are getting a quality supply that will get the job done. With Gorman, you get a provider who has worked in the laundering industry since 1948. What this means is we know cleanliness, quality, and what works for businesses like yours.

That’s why, along with our uniform and mat services, we also supply dust control products and facility services. We strive to provide you with an all-encompassing service, where you get your uniforms, mats, dust control supply, and restroom products all delivered to your door, fresh and clean every time. Each product has been carefully selected so you only get the best supplies for your business’s cleanliness.

And it’s not just our products, laundering, and delivery services that make us well-suited to serve you. It’s also our people. Our customer service is friendly and looks out for our customers, so you can make sure you are getting the best service for your specific business needs.

The Best Soap, Hand Cleaner, and Hand Sanitizer Service in Houston

With our customer support team, accurate billing, high-quality products and services, on-time deliveries, and our years in business, we can confidently say that we can deliver you topnotch soap, hand cleaner, and hand sanitizer services that will help your business look and feel cleaner.

For the best uniforms, mats, dust control, and facility services, look no further than Gorman!

To stock up on your high-quality hand cleaners, call us at Gorman Uniform today! For a free quote, dial 713-467-5424!

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