Keep your business clean with our facility services 

And by dirty, we mean sticky, grimy floors and smelly toilets. No customer or employee would want to step into a murky, neglected facility. Even the best quality services and the nicest employees are no match against the power of a dirty commercial space. A filthy enterprise ultimately turns off customers and ruins your business image.

So, stay on top of your space’s upkeep with Gorman facility services!

We Have Everything Your Business Needs: Restroom Products, Mops, Mats & More! 

Gorman Uniform has a wide range of facility services available to keep your commercial site in tiptop shape. Some of our facility services include:

These disposable towels have been found to remove more residual bacteria after hand washing by 77%, compared to just over 40% by regular hot-air hand dryer. They are a necessity in every clean, well-maintained restroom and sink.

Biodegradable paper CRTs are the perfect paper towel option for the environmentally-conscious company. These paper towel replacements are made of recycled paper and do not contain any added chlorine, dyes, inks or fragrances. These paper towels have been manufactured using less water and energy, and are completely biodegradable. They are eco-friendly from production to disposal.

Maintain health and hygiene in your commercial space by stocking up your restrooms with hand washing provisions! Our facility services have a wide range of hand soaps, hand cleaners, and hand sanitizers. Studies have shown that regular and effective hand washing using soap and water helps stop the spread of disease-carrying bacteria like those responsible for colds, flu, pneumonia, and diarrhea. A cleaner work space for your employees means fewer sick days and better productivity.

Keep bad odors from taking over your facility with air fresheners from Gorman. Our air freshener options will keep your commercial restroom from smelling like what it is: a commercial restroom.

We have dozens of other products and facility services for a variety of industries! Contact a Gorman representative today at 713-467-5424 to learn more about our facility services and get started!

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