Easily Remove Grease and Stains with Shop Towels

Scrubbing hard-to-detach oil, liquids and other dirt from surfaces is no simple task, especially if you’re using the wrong tool. If your business is currently overspending on and wasting paper towel after paper towel, it’s time for a change. Not to mention how inefficient any towel but a shop towel is in getting the job done that you need, ultimately lowering your employees’ productivity because of how time-consuming the task is.

A simple solution to all of your shop’s cleaning woes is to invest in towels that are made specifically for your industry! At Gorman, we help you acquire the best shop towels for your business and then we maintain them for you so they can be used again and again. The fibers are excellent at picking up all those nasty spills on cars, your employees’ hands and more!

We understand dust control in your business space is crucial to your success. That’s why with Gorman, you can acquire not only high-quality shop towels, but also:

  • Utility towels
  • Wiping cloths
  • Dust mops
  • Sanitized wet mops
  • Fender/seat covers
  • And more!

Shop Towel Services from Gorman

This isn’t one of those cases where it’s too good to be true, where you need to worry about whether your towels will be delivered on time, if they will really be as clean as we claim they are, and if your deliveries will be consistently accurate. At Gorman, we want to make sure all of your dust control needs are met, and the only way to do that is to provide top-of-the-line services that are always meticulous, laundered well, and dependable. Just look at our history of over 60 years servicing individuals just like you! With our family’s passion for making the lives of business owners easier, you’ll feel the dedication amongst our route representatives and customer service staff.

This means with us you get quality products, reduced costs in repurchasing supplies and laundering because we do it for you, and an enjoyable customer service experience. All it takes is a call to learn more about our shop towels and other services we offer, including garments and uniforms, floor mats and facility services. Make your employees’ jobs easier and enhance their productivity with our shop towel services! Simply contact us at 713-467-5424.

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