Let Your Clients Live in Luxury with High-Quality Bath Towels

As an individual sets foot into a hotel or gym, they’re not just looking for a service – they’re looking for an experience. From something as simple as the comforting touch of a towel after cooling off from an intense workout, to something as luxurious as basking in the heat of a sauna, the bath towel serves many purposes but the quality of it is always what influences the client’s experience. But how do you find the towel that will suit your business’s needs and how can you maintain its quality over time?

That’s where we at Gorman step in. Our job is solely to help you acquire the best supply for your business and then maintain those towels for you, so you never have to worry about those little details that make a big difference in how your clients perceive your business. With the right towels on hand, you can focus more on what really matters.

But a bath towel is only part of the experience. There’s also the way your business space actually looks and how presentable your employees are. That’s why at Gorman we supply all of the basics including:

  • Garments & Uniforms
    • Aprons
    • Coats
    • Shirts
    • Pants
    • Outerwear
  • Floor Mats
    • Anti-Fatigue Mats
    • Commercial Floor Mats
    • High-Traffic Protection Mats
  • Dust Control
    • Dust Mops
    • Sanitized Wet Mops
    • Shop Towels
    • Utility Towels
    • Wiping Cloths
  • Facility Services
    • Air Fresheners
    • Biodegradable Paper CRTs
    • Paper Towels
    • Soap and Hand Sanitizers

Bath Towel Services from Gorman

The quality of our products and the standards we hold for maintaining your towels aren’t the only things we value though. We also focus on the quality of service and customer care that you receive. We know that if our deliveries are inaccurate and late, they won’t help your business move forward and gain success. With over 60 years in the business, we have mastered a system that makes it possible to get your towels clean, delivered on-time and delivered accurately. While we value our product, we also value you as our business partner, which is why we are always dedicated to satisfying the needs of your business.

Our customer service team makes acquiring quality bath towels that are maintained for you simple. All you have to do right now is give us a call to learn about our services. Enhance your client experience with high-quality towels that you’ll barely need to think about. Contact us today at 713-467-5424 to learn more.

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