chef apparel

Having the right chef coats, pants and aprons stocked and ready is vital for your kitchen’s proper functioning. Your chef apparel rental service should have the materials and styles your restaurant needs.

Keeping your chefs looking and feeling good is an important, but often ignored, part of kitchen management. Good uniforms make good chefs. This is because a quality uniform that is comfortable, stylish, and functional inspires company pride in your employees. That pride translate into work ethic, and that work ethic becomes dedicated service. 

Chef Coats

Doubling as protection and designation, a chef’s coat is a universal symbol of professionalism and expertise. Having the right one for your restaurant and chef can make the difference between a blasé work ethic and an engaged one. 

A quality chef coat is also functional, having pockets and reversibility. 

Chef Pants

Chef pants attract a lot of attention from messy ingredients and dishes. If your chefs are wearing any kind of pants, not only is that a potentially biological hazard, but those pants are at risk of becoming damaged or stained. 

Our chef pants were made to withstand the assaults of grease, wine, gravy, or any other staining substance. Generally a wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to remove a mess and stay fresh for the rest of the night.

Gorman Uniform is Your Chef Apparel Rental Solution

If what you want is high-quality, high-performance materials from a trusted and reliable uniform rental facility, then you’re in good hands with Gorman. 

With a history in the uniform industry and a focus on customer satisfaction, Gorman Uniform can become the reliable provider you need. We know what it takes to run your restaurant, and we know you need uniforms ready always to run it well. 

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