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What Professional Uniform Service Can Do For Your Business

Many companies are foregoing uniform services in lieu of maintaining their own products. The thinking is: “Without uniform service I can control my employee’s appearance, lower uniform management costs, and save time. Easy!” Unfortunately, there’s more than a few misconceptions in that sentiment. This article will explore what professional uniform service truly does for your business. 

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How Reliable Facility Service Keeps Your Business Safe

Commercial restrooms get a bad rap. It is not uncommon for people to cringe at the thought of having to use one – and for good reason. A study has identified 77,000 different types of bacteria and viruses in commercial restrooms, including MRSA, Streptococcus, and E.coli.

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How to Choose the Right Mats for Your Business

Now more than ever, safety should be every business owner’s main priority. When deciding what mats to get for your business, many factors need consideration. From seasonal activity to level of traffic, choosing the right mats for the right purpose will decide their effectiveness.

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