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3 Simple Holiday Office Party Ideas

As the holidays near, you are likely getting bombarded with questions from employees about whether there will be an office party, gift exchange or holiday dinner. But with your busy schedule, do you even have time to plan anything?

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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Uniform Material for Your Industry

Not all uniforms are made equal – and rightly so! Each industry has unique uniform material, all serving its own distinct purpose. While materials used in garments are often viewed as a lower priority than the actual function of the product, fabrics used in work uniforms play essential roles in achieving their intended purpose.

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How Uniforms Help Your Employees Make a Good First Impression

First impressions are so important, and we have the science to back it up. According to research from Princeton, people can decide whether or not they trust someone within a tenth of a second. One study from the University of Liverpool found that participants were able to decide whether a person was conscientious or not from a single glance at a photo.

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