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how often should uniforms be cleaned

How Often Should Uniforms Be Cleaned?

Here’s something we can all agree on: cleanliness is important. It doesn’t matter which industry we are in or what kind of services we are looking to get: cleanliness is an important component in the ideal experience we hope to deliver/receive.

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are hand dryers sanitary

Are Hand Dryers Sanitary?

Which is more sanitary: hand dryers or paper towels? Preventing the spread of disease-carrying bacteria doesn’t end with hand washing. Effective hand drying is just as important as it has been found that moisture retained on the hands after washing allows for the easy transfer of bacteria upon contact with a contaminated object.

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3 Holiday Office Party Ideas

As the holidays near, you are likely getting bombarded with questions from employees about whether there will be a holiday office party, gift exchange or holiday dinner. But with your busy schedule, do you even have time to plan anything?

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