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company uniform design

Creating the Right Company Uniform Design

The reasons to invest in company uniform design may seem clear – a good design will make it easier for customers to identify employees and connect with your brand.

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uniform color psychology

How to Use Uniform Color Psychology in Company Branding

When selecting uniforms for your company, you may simply consider the style of the uniform and whether or not it suits the function of the job. But when you do this, you may be forgetting one integral piece of the puzzle of appearance and function – color. Considering color psychology in the selection of uniform colors is key to company branding.

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wearing the same clothes everyday

The Surprising Reason Highly Successful People are Wearing the Same Clothes Everyday

The word uniform gets a bad rap. Its association with sameness and unity seems to leave little room for individuality and creativity, both highly valuable qualities. Wearing the same clothes everyday is the ultimate symbol of conformity. Or so it seems. It turns out, if you’re wearing the same clothes everyday either because you choose to or because it’s required by your job, then you’re in good company.

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