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outsourced vs on-site laundry

The Ultimate Showdown: Outsourced Laundry vs. On-Site Laundry vs. Home Laundry

Uniforms aren’t simply something you purchase and never have to worry about ever again. They do, after all, have to be cleaned and well-maintained in order to suit any of the above purposes. But whose responsibility is that?

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slip and fall accidents

The Legal Costs of Slip And Fall Accidents

We all know the dangers of slip and fall accidents, and by having floor mats at your entryway and throughout your establishment, you may figure you’re already covered and safe from the threat of lawsuits.

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uniform style

Flight Attendant Uniforms: 13 Uniform Style Lessons From 39,000 Feet

Uniform style is born on the runway. Flight attendants have been leading the way in uniform style throughout the history of the airline industry. From the war-inspired fashions of the early 1900s to the laid-back style of the 60s to the put-together professional looks of today, flight attendant uniforms are truly a statement about the times.

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