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considerations for buying company uniforms

Is Buying Company Uniforms a Good Idea?

You’ve probably been told that when it comes to your business’s needs, buying is the better choice. That’s not necessarily true. Unfortunately, some people still fall for the hollow promise underneath that blanket statement. It isn’t worth the risk, especially when it comes to your work uniforms. Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Company Uniforms From cost and convenience to quality and supply stability, here’s why you’re better off with a uniform rental service: Higher Costs Cost has always been one of the most contentious points when it comes to the renting versus buying debate. The biggest argument against renting is that the monthly rental fees […]

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uniform service variety

Uniform Service Variety: Does Your Provider Offer It?

If uniform service variety isn’t a part of your current service, do you have the right partner? Do you need more than one uniform service to run your operations? If yes, switch to a service provider with the variety of uniform selections your business needs.  The Importance of Variety The importance of variety goes beyond convenience. A uniform service with a variety of inventory will offer styles and options needed to truly personalize to your prefered aesthetic. More than that, wide selections mean that they can cover maintenance, mechanics, janitorial, cooking staff, and more! You can get all the uniforms you need for all the […]

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business safety spring

Safety in Springtime: How To Prepare Your Business for Spring

Is business safety in spring on your mind? It should be! Spring is coming! This time is ripe not only for the birds, the butterflies, and the blooming flowers. It’s also the perfect time to jumpstart the rest of the season. How are you getting your business ready for spring?  

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