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Protect Employees in Winter with Professional Facility Service

Protect Employees Winter

If trying to protect employees during winter, several factors must be considered. Gorman Uniform has the materials and solutions to your winter woes regarding employee safety.

Winter may be the most wonderful time of year for many of us, but it is also one of the most hazardous for workers. Even though winters are milder out here, they can occasionally be brutal and dangerous. Extreme weather can sneak right up on you and your employees. Not to mention, there is always the risk of communicable diseases – and the flu season is hardly ever late.

Protect Employees From These Common Winter Hazards

Amongst the many things that can threaten safety and wellbeing during the season, these are the most common perils for employees:

  • Slips and Falls. With icy conditions and increased rain, there is always a higher risk of slip and fall accidents. The curb and the parking lot become accidents waiting to happen. And if you’re not thorough with your floor care, mud and moisture can wind up indoors and pose risk to your employees.
  • Low Temperatures. Lower temperatures are never comfortable or good for the body. They can also adversely affect your employees’ productivity. For some people with less than ideal health conditions, it can get them sick.
  • Winter Illness. The combination of the colder weather and being cooped up indoors are always a perfect recipe for a flu outbreak, among other things.

How Facility Service Protects Employees in Winter

There are many ways to keep your employees protected against the hazards of the season. One of your strongest weapons is in your supply closet. Here’s how a facility service protects your most prized team members:

  • Be more meticulous with your floor care. Keeping your floors immaculate and dry is your first line of defense against indoor slip and fall risks. It’s important to reinforce your mat coverage. Make sure to add high-quality scraper mats and wiper mats at your main entryways to prevent tracked-in mud, water, and slush from entering the premises. It is also important to mop and vacuum more frequently.
  • Make sure to clean your windows. Thorough window cleaning should be part of your wintertime routine. Not only do clean, well-maintained windows help improve insulation indoors. Dusty windows can harbor dust mites and bacteria which can turn any indoor space into a petri dish. Use high-quality cleaning towels and proper sanitary solutions.
  • Keep your restrooms and washrooms fully stocked with sanitary products. As the World Health Organization and every other medical professional have unceasingly pointed out, clean hands save lives. Many diseases, including and especially the ones that abound in winter, are preventable with proper hand hygiene. Make sure to stock extra on your hand soaps and sanitizers to get ahead of the viruses and bacteria. And don’t forget to stock up on the paper towel rolls; one can never be too careful or clean!

Gorman Uniform Prepares Your Business for Winter

Need help with stocking up on hand sanitizers and paper towels? Call Gorman Uniform! Gorman’s facility service helps you manage your restroom inventory better and more conveniently! With Gorman, all you’ll ever have to worry about is cleaning up. We have the supplies completely covered.

Call us today at (713) 467-5424 to sign up or learn more about our services!  

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