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Prep Your Business for the Holidays with Gorman! 

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The holidays are just around the corner and there’s no time to slack off on your preparation for the season! Do you have everything you need to prep your business for the holidays? If not, we’ve got you!

Gorman’s Checklist: Prep Your Business for the Holidays

The holidays are, without a doubt, one of the most profitable seasons for nearly every business. Consumer spending goes up significantly during this time of the year, especially on dining, travel, and retail. In fact, holiday sales amount to up to 40% of the annual sales of mid-sized and small retailers.

The problem with the holiday rush is that it can test the limits of your supplies. And the sooner you prepare for the holidays, the better. Here’s a quick little checklist to help you get ahead of the holiday chaos:

Give Your Business Space a Holiday Facelift

Customer-interfacing businesses need a supersized visual boost to make the most of the holiday season. Getting into the spirit of things can mean a massive facelift of themed decors. But it can also be something as simple and as subtle as changing up the linens and upgrading your uniforms to match the holidays.

Stock Up on Your Linens and Uniforms

Aside from getting the visuals right, your inventory is likely to take a hit with the increased holiday demands. More customers mean more linens used. It can also mean additional shifts and maybe even additional employees. Linen and uniform shortages and backups can hurt your chances of banking on holiday profits. Keep up with demands by increasing both your linen and uniform inventory, and your laundry capacities.

Get a Head Start on Your Restroom Supplies

The holiday rush is also going to hurt your restroom upkeep and supplies. Get ahead of the rush and prevent shortages by stocking up on your commercial restroom essentials.

Give Extra Care and Attention to Your Floors

Heavy foot traffic may translate positively on the cash register, but not on your floors’ condition. Protect your floors from crowd overload by equipping your floors with high-quality floor mats. Make sure to also keep your dust control essentials available and accessible to boost your maintenance efforts.

Gorman Uniform is Your Best Bet to Prep Your Business for the Holidays!

The holidays are challenging enough. Don’t make it harder by sorting out your holiday supply needs on your own. Let Gorman Uniform help you!

Gorman has all the supply and service support you need to make the most of the holiday business. Here’s how:

  • Secure your linen and uniform inventory with ease. Gorman is the number 1 choice for linen and uniform service in Texas! Not only can we make sure that you meet your volume demands. Our professional linen and uniform maintenance service also make sure that your items are always impressively clean.
  • Keep up with your commercial restroom supplies. Gorman offers easy, secure access to all of your restroom supplies and accessories. From hand hygiene products to odor control, Gorman’s facility services give you the upper hand in your restroom upkeep challenges.
  • Upgrade your floor care capacity with better products and even better maintenance service. Gorman’s floor mat and dust control services help keep your floors clean and safe through the holiday traffic. Our mat and mop supplies are top-notch and our professional maintenance is always dependable.

Contact Gorman Today!

It’s never too soon to get started on your business’ holiday preparation! Contact Gorman today at 713-467-5424 to sign up for service or start with a free quote.

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