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The Ultimate Showdown: Outsourced Laundry vs. On-Site Laundry vs. Home Laundry

outsourced vs on-site laundry

Uniforms aren’t simply something you purchase and never have to worry about ever again. They do, after all, have to be cleaned and well-maintained in order to suit any of the above purposes. But whose responsibility is that?

Your employees as they take their uniforms home to wash, a team you specifically hired to handle items in an on-site laundry, or an outside company who specializes in uniforms and laundry?

Which Laundry Service is Ideal for Your Needs? Outsourced Laundry or On-Site Laundry?

If you’re providing uniforms to your employees, then it doesn’t make sense to have them take their uniforms home. And this is because you can’t guarantee how the uniforms are going to look when employees come back with them. They could get damaged, shrink, or not even be truly clean! Worse, your employees could lose them. It doesn’t make sense to trust your employees to be laundry experts.

Therefore, hiring someone to do your uniform laundry for you makes the most sense. But do you need to hire new employees to handle laundry, give the responsibility to your current staff, or send out your uniforms for someone to take care of for you off-site?

Don’t fret, we have all the answers you need.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Outsourced Uniform Laundry Services

  • You’ll Save Money on Energy – Think about it. In order to wash laundry on-site, not only will you of course have to purchase a set of equipment to be able to do so, but you’ll need to fork over money to maintain your laundry through water costs and energy costs to run the machines. With an outsourced uniform laundry service, you work with a company who already has all the equipment and already pays to run it as part of their business.
  • Outsourced Cleaning is Consistent and Professional – When you add on extra responsibilities to your already-busy staff or hire new individuals to handle your laundry for you, you’re not really sure what you’re going to get. It’s not guaranteed that you’re going to always have exactly what you need when you need it and at the quality that is necessary for your workplace. When you work with a company that specializes in uniform laundry, you know you’re working with experts who already have a history of consistency and quality. This is especially true if you choose to work with a company like Gorman Uniform that’s been in the laundry business since 1948.
  • You Keep Both Employees and Customers Safe – Especially in a job with safety hazards to employees and health hazards to customers, well-maintained uniforms are essential.

On-Site Laundry is the Least Cost-Effective Method

Not only do you need to worry about purchasing machines and paying for their accompanying energy costs, but you also have to pay for staff to do the job as well as training so that employees can do the job properly. And even then, you can’t guarantee that they are going to maintain your uniforms to the standard you require.

How Do You Manage Your Company’s Uniforms?

So, tell us – do you currently have uniforms for your company? And if you do, how do you maintain them? Do your employees take them home? Do you handle them in an on-site laundry? Or maybe you’re unhappy with your current service provider?

Contact us today at Gorman Uniform and we can tell you more about how our uniform program can help your business save on costs and look its best.

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