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Indoor Dust Control Tips for Businesses

indoor dust control

Pesky dust, dirt and grime can wreak havoc on your work space, potentially leading to respiratory illnesses, a decrease in employee productivity, lost business and even fires.

While it’s a scary picture, as an employer, you don’t need to fret too much about a clean, safe and productive workplace if you take simple but necessary precautions for indoor dust control. Once you take these actions, your employees will likely in turn be happier where they work and clients will appreciate a clean environment that improves their overall customer experience.

While there are many action steps that you can take to provide a cleaner work environment, the three main aspects of indoor dust control to focus on are the initial cleanup, developing a cleaning routine, finding the right tools for the job and maintaining those tools and your cleaning system.

Here are our tips on how to approach indoor dust control and maintain your business’s cleanliness:

Clean up your job site.

While you can acquire the best supplies on the market and develop an excellent cleaning system, none of it will do any good if you don’t get rid of all of the accumulated dust and dirt from time spent without a quality indoor dust control system.

Gather your team of employees together to discuss where you see the business going with its current state and why getting in control of your workplace’s cleanliness is so important. You’re going to need the entire team involved, as they will need to assist in first removing any excess clutter that is building up dust, and second on continual maintenance of the space.

Once you’ve cracked down on clutter, it’s time to do a deep clean of your workplace. For this, you may need to hire a cleaning service, depending on the availability of employees to contribute. Every business is different, so your cleaning needs may vary from another. Recognize what your needs are, and then get started.

Don’t let the deep cleaning stop here though. Evaluate what needs to be done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep your workplace in tip-top shape and communicate these needs to your team and make sure everyone is aware of what they are responsible for.

Acquire the right tools for indoor dust control.

Once you’ve determined what cleaning tasks need to be done, you should be aware of what tools you’ll need to achieve these tasks – from towels to dust mops and sanitized wet mops, create a list of what supplies you’ll need to achieve your cleaning goals.

Then it’s not just about acquiring the tool on your list, but being mindful of the quality of the item and the credibility of the company it’s coming from. You want something that’s going to actually do an effective job.

Even after you have a great supply on hand, though, be aware that the supply itself isn’t going get the cleaning done on its own. Employees need to know how to properly use the tools, so the employee and the tool don’t just end up working against each other. That’s why you should make sure to not just tell your employees they’re going to be responsible for all this cleaning now and then hand them the supplies. You should also provide training on how to properly use the tools and how to integrate them into their cleaning regimen.

Make your tools last.

So your business is looking fresh, your employees are keeping the business space clean and your tools are working great. You should be done now, right?

Not necessarily. The tools that you have on hand require maintenance of their own in order to continue helping you keep your workplace clean. This can mean extra cleaning tasks on your part, such as laundering towels and mop heads. Unless you’re an expert on this cleaning though, you can end up ruining your supply and having to purchase another. Either that or you could be wasting valuable time that you could be spending running your business.

The easiest way to acquire cleaning tools that you don’t need to worry about maintaining is through an indoor dust control product rental program. It may sound like a lot to learn about, but it’s actually quite simple.

At Gorman, we drop off to you a fresh supply of indoor dust control products, such as mops or towels, and then pick them back up from you, launder them, and deliver them back with the high quality you’re looking for in every clean.

Getting in control of the dust in your business space is easy when you have a dedicated team, the right tools and a company that helps you reduce how much work you have to actually do. It’s not worth risking your employees’ happiness and health and your customers’ satisfaction when it’s that easy to keep things clean.

To learn more about how we at Gorman Uniform can help you with your indoor dust control program, contact us today at 713-467-5424.

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