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The Importance of Uniforms in Positive First Impressions

In business, first impressions are as important as the product. For employees, this means they should have high-quality, well-fitted, and good-looking uniforms.  

According to research from Princeton, people often decide whether or not they trust someone within a tenth of a second. One study from the University of Liverpool found that participants were able to decide whether a person was conscientious or not from a single glance at a photo.

Although there’s no precise number, many psychologists agree that it takes about three seconds to form a first impression. Why leave something as important as a first impression to chance?

Why do first impressions matter?

One Harvard psychologist found that trustworthiness and confidence make up around 80-90% of first impressions. Trustworthiness and confidence are paramount in business relationships. Customers should be able to trust that your company will operate above-board. They should also have confidence in your company’s ability to meet their needs. If your customers aren’t confident in your business and don’t trust you, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere. So, how can you use first impressions to your favor?

One simple answer is uniforms. Uniforms are essential in creating a good first impression and making a favorable start to a lasting customer relationship. They’re one of the first things your customer will notice when interacting with a member of your team.

Uniforms create an air of trustworthiness and professionalism

Who are your customers more likely to trust? An employee wearing jeans and button-down shirt from his or her closet, or an employee in slacks and a professional polo printed with your company’s logo? A first impression can make all the difference. Though it might be tempting to allow your employees to wear what they want, consistency in uniforms can greatly affect your company’s image.

With custom uniforms, your customers won’t ever have to wonder whether they’re talking to the real deal. Uniforms make your employees easy to recognize. Your customers will be more comfortable talking to an employee who is visually identifiable as a part of your company.

Uniforms inspire confidence in your competence

Your team members should always be dressed for the occasion. Whether you run a medical facility, restaurant or hotel, your employees’ uniforms should reflect the work that they do, and not just because it often makes the job easier physically. A uniform that fits the business will make your customers more confident in your ability to meet their needs. For example, it would be very odd if an auto repair shop employee was wearing the kind of uniform you might find in an office. Your customers might wonder if that employee can really fix a car. And vice-versa: you wouldn’t expect to find an employee in an office dressed as though they work in an auto shop. Uniforms that make sense for your business will also make sense to your customers and will help them formulate a more competent first impression.

Suit up for success

Gorman Uniform’s line of apparel is available in a wide range of colors and styles. With hundreds of uniforms, we can supply any kind of business. Call one of our representatives today at 713-467-5424 to get all your questions answered!

Why wait? You don’t get a second chance at making a first impression.

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