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The Ideal Uniform Material for Your Industry

Each industry benefits from different uniform material. Many uniform materials serve distinct purposes. Knowing those differences can improve employee efficiency and comfort. 

Why Uniform Material Matters

A garment’s material is just as important as its function. Fabrics used in work uniforms actually play essential roles in achieving their intended purpose. For instance, scrubs used by nurses and other medical professionals can be both breathable and durable. Coveralls used to be just an outer garment that was designed to protect against the grease and grime of machine work. Now they also allow for sweat wicking, which ensures the wearer remains comfortable throughout the day.

In recent years, new types of fabrics have been introduced to the work-wear industry. The standard materials, however, remain the most prominent, if just tweaked for added benefits. Let’s explore some of the most commonly used fabrics by industry:

Healthcare Uniforms

  • Polyester – Polyester is one of the most durable types of materials available for medical uniform use. It can withstand multiple washes while retaining color quality and holding fiber weaves. It is ideal for use in lab coats and shorter doctor’s coats, mainly because of its stain resistance capacities.
  • Poly-cotton blends – Poly-cotton blends come in 65-35, 80-20, and 70-30 combinations of polyester and cotton. They combine the durability and stain resistance of polyester and the breathability and softness of cotton. This makes the poly-cotton an ideal material for scrubs. Poly-cotton stays comfortable even after long hours of wear and can withstand a good, rigorous wash.
  • Spandex blend – Spandex isn’t just a Hollywood celebrity go-to for smoother, more flawless red carpet looks. Thanks to its durability and added flexibility, spandex is also embraced by medical professionals across America . Spandex also provides ease and comfort in movement – a quality highly appreciated in this laborious industry.

Restaurant Uniforms

  • Cotton – 100% pure, Egyptian blend cotton chef’s jackets are the evening wear of chef coats. Not only are they expensive, they also look and feel the part. They provide comfort and luxury in a breathable, soft fabric. As a result, cotton jackets are more for flair than function. Without stain resistance and durability, there are few uniforms for pure cotton. For daily wear, blended synthetic materials may be the better option. Cotton, however, makes for the best type of chef’s pants. They are light and soft, and, when tailored perfectly, allow the chef all the movement required when working through long hours in the kitchen.
  • Poly-cotton blends – Heavy poly-cotton blend uniforms are the best options for chefs who want to look good and move easily at the same time. Poly-cotton chef jackets of heavier blends do not wrinkle easily or damage easily. Plus, they allow for plenty of room to breathe and sweat – always a welcome function for hardworking kitchen laborers. Poly-cotton is also an ideal fabric for regular apron and server uniforms as it allows for ease in movement and prevents stains.

Machinery Uniforms/Coveralls

  • Cotton-nylon blends – With heavy-duty use and exposure to grease, heavy machinery and sharp tools, the most important feature for coverall material is protection. But it has to be wearable too! Enter cotton-nylon blends. Coveralls using this type of material are durable, provide adequate skin protection, and are generally comfortable to wear.
  • Poly-cotton blends – Regular poly-cotton blends are an easy option for coverall fabrics intended for everyday work wear. They are comfortable, mostly breathable, and have enough room for movement. Most importantly, they can endure hard and long wash cycles.

Let Us Help You Find the Best Uniform Material for Your Industry

Picking the right kind of uniform material for your company’s uniforms makes all the difference between a good investment and a bad one. Don’t take any risks – talk with uniform experts! Contact Gorman Uniform and allow us to help you make the best uniform decision for your business. Call us today at 713-467-5424 or fill our contact form!

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