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How to Choose the Right Mats for Your Business


Now more than ever, safety should be every business owner’s main priority. When deciding what mats to get for your business, many factors need consideration. From seasonal activity to level of traffic, choosing the right mats for the right purpose will decide their effectiveness.

Gorman Uniform has the quality mats, cleaning procedures, and customer-satisfaction focus to ensure excellent service. To help decide what mats your business needs, keep reading! 

Protect Your Business From Foot Traffic 

If you’ve got customers, employees, vendors, and prospects coming in and out of your door every day, that’s a lot for a floor to handle. From abrasion of the floor to contaminants coming in underfoot, your floor and business need a little help. Gorman Uniform has just the mats to protect your business from foot traffic. 

Commercial Floor Mats

Gorman Uniform’s line of commercial floor mats are ideal for protecting your floors from damage caused by walking. With Area Protection Mats strategically placed in particularly high-traffic areas, you’ll improve traction and protect your floors. With a large surface area, scuffs and wear and tear won’t have their way if our mats have a say. Our Logo Mats can do the same with the added benefit of company representation. There’s no better way to remind employees and customers you’re looking out for them than with high-quality, company-representative mats. 

Hallway Runner Lobby Mats are ideal for corridors that see a lot of movement. Put a hold on cumulative floor damage with these quality mats. For concession areas, our line of Delivery Area Slush Mats keep employees safe and floors protected. Rest easy without the dangers of slip and falls hanging over one of the most prone areas in a business.

Protect Your Employees 

Employees are essential to business function. Keeping them safe and comfortable wherever possible is not only good for them, but great for your business. With the right mats in the right places around your business, employees can be more productive and happier. Gorman Uniform provides the mats needed to make that happen. 

Our Safety Mats are ideal for areas that are accident-prone and need a little guidance. With logos that indicate caution necessary or the presence of specific dangers, this extra step can go a long way. For industrial professions where dangerous chemicals and other elements are present, our Anti-Static Copy Mats are ideal where static build up is dangerous. 

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Gorman Uniform is proud of its quality line of anti-fatigue matting. Nothing keeps employees that have to stand for hours at a time productive and injury-free like a quality anti-fatigue mat. By cushioning contact with the floor, anti-fatigue mats protect feet, legs, and the lower back. Anybody’s who’s stood for more than four hours at a time can attest to the strain it puts on these areas. An anti-fatigue mat reduces that strain and helps keep employees energetic. We carry the following anti-fatigue matting:

  • Heavy-Duty Bar Mats
  • Soft Rubber Mats
  • Air Flex Anti-Fatigue Pads
  • Ergonomic Mats

Contact Gorman Uniform Today!

Whether you’re looking to protect your floors or keep your employees safe and secure, we’ve got the floor mats to make it happen. Above all else, we’re here to serve you. Give us a call at (713) 467-5424 or contact us here for more information. 

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