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How to Choose the Right Chef Uniforms for Your Restaurant

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Chefs are the brains of the kitchen, and they need to have the right uniforms to run it effectively. When deciding what uniform to get your restaurant’s chefs, consider the following factors: 

Uniform Comfort

An uncomfortable chef is going to make mistakes. Their mind needs to be purely on the task at hand, and that’s hard to do when their coat is too tight or their hat is too loose. 

Lasting Quality 

If the material that your chef’s uniform is made of is cheap, scratchy, or easily stained, then they’re going to have a bad time. Not only does cheap material feel poorly to the touch, but it can irritate the skin and distract your employees from what’s going around them. 


With how hot the kitchen can get, giving your chef any possibility of coolness will be greatly appreciated. A cotton chef coat will ensure breathability and comfort in even the most demanding kitchen. While cotton is more prone to staining than other synthetic materials, it tends to be the most comfortable and sweat absorbent.  


With how hazardous the kitchen can be, you want a chef uniform that will stand up to its pressures. Heat, fire, and liquids are constantly present. If an accident happens and the uniform is involved, you want to ensure it’ll keep through it, wash out, and be ready for more. 

Fresh Flip

If a coat is stained and not washing out, your chef should have the option of reversing it. With an always-fresh side to resort to, nothing clothing-related should slow down or distract your chef from their important duties. 

Stain / Liquid Resistance

Chefs need to command respect from the entire staff. That’s hard to do when they have stains from yesterday’s starters on their sleeves and soup from lunch dribbled below the collar. When accidents do happen, having a uniform that’s easily washed will keep employees concentrated on orders instead of appearance. 

No Loose Ends 

With how hazardous the kitchen is, you don’t want your uniforms adding to the chaos. Chef uniforms with drawstrings or other loose factors are a catch and drag risk. For example, a drawstring in the wrong place at the wrong time can catch the edge of a ladle hanging inside the soup and pull it to the ground when the chef moves away. 

Minimizing risk should be a constant thought of every business owner, and picking the right uniforms is another way to do just that.  

Chef Preference

Don’t assume you know everything your chef wants. They might have coat preferences determined by their style, preferred temperature, or skin sensitivities. Ask them what they’d prefer, and they’ll likely have no problem letting you know. 

Gorman Uniform Has What You Need

Regardless of what style or material you decide to get for your chef, Gorman Uniform has it ready to go. When you go with Gorman, you’re going with time-tested industry service, environmental consciousness, and an obsession for customer satisfaction. Give us a call at 713-467-5424 and get started today! 

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