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How Often Should Uniforms Be Cleaned?

how often should uniforms be cleaned

Here’s something we can all agree on: cleanliness is important. It doesn’t matter which industry we are in or what kind of services we are looking to get: cleanliness is an important component in the ideal experience we hope to deliver/receive.

The degree of cleanliness, of course, varies from industry to industry. We can’t, for instance, expect the same level of sanitary conditions in an auto-repair shop as we would in a hospital or medical practice.

But the fact remains that no one wants to be serviced by an employee that looks or smells filthy.

The Importance of Clean Uniforms

No one enjoys the scent of several days of clothing use, or worse, the smell of pits and bodily secretions. Dirty uniforms can repel customers and give your business a bad impression.

Uniforms are an important aspect of business marketing and image branding strategies. They’re a key tool in helping customers remember your company name and the service that comes with it. Poorly-maintained uniforms project an image of neglect, of poor management, and lack of professionalism.

Well-maintained and clean uniforms on your employees mean that you mean business, that you take great care in every part of your business dealings, and that you can be trusted to deliver service effectively, flawlessly, and in the best quality. So, how often should uniforms be cleaned? It really depends on what kind of work you’re doing. 

How Often Should Uniforms Be Cleaned, By Industry?

As we mentioned earlier, certain uniforms need to be cleaner and more sanitary than others. But this is no excuse to let things go. We’ve listed some guidelines on how often uniforms in each of the following industries should be cleaned:

Food Service

Where food is concerned, there is only one rule: wash after every shift. Food and filth should never be in the same space together and the only way to ensure that is to have uniforms cleaned after every use. This is especially crucial for uniforms used in food handling where they might have been exposed to raw meats.


Like garments used in food preparation, healthcare industry garments must be taken care of after every use. There is no question here: hospital and clinic uniforms like scrubs and smocks must never be used more than once before washing. Repeat wearing of these garments, which may have been exposed to dangerous microbes and disease-carrying bacteria, is a high risk for cross contamination and a community healthcare disaster waiting to happen.

It doesn’t matter which floor you are on or what type of work you do. Where healthcare apparel is concerned, you have to wash after every use in a specialized, healthcare industry-approved manner to avoid the spread of diseases.


The standards on industrial uniform cleaning vary depending on the kind of exposure the uniforms get. For instance, uniforms that are used in workplaces where toxic fumes, chemicals, and pesticides abound should be washed in isolation and after every use. Meanwhile, other uniforms like processing plant coveralls, auto mechanic denims, and construction use high-visibility vests can get a once-a-week treatment without a problem.

But Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) that are supposed to make you visible, like high-visibility vests, should never be left longer than a week without washing as stains and accumulated dirt can get in the way of visibility elements and put its wearer at risk for accidents.

How to Keep Uniforms Clean at All Times

The biggest problem with keeping uniforms clean to the industry standards is having to entrust that job to your employees. In certain cases, the employee might not have the time or the proper equipment and cleaning implements (or both!) to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness required for the industry.

This is especially crucial in the food and healthcare industries, where the slightest misstep could cause an infection or other health issue. Help your employees and your business keep a thoroughly clean uniform stock by partnering with a reliable commercial uniform and laundry service company. Partner with Gorman Uniform!

Gorman Uniform and Laundry Services

Gorman Uniform is in the business of helping businesses look their best at all times! We have been specializing in corporate and industrial work wear for more than 60 years and are your best choice for seamless, effective, and simple uniform laundry service.

Our state-of-the-art process will make sure that your uniforms are maintained in a manner and quality that meets the highest industry standards. We deliver solutions that will work best for your company and we go that extra mile to make it happen.

Contact Gorman Uniform today and discover how we can make things easy for you and your employees. You’ll never have to ask, “How often should uniforms be cleaned?” ever again. We take care of everything for you. Call us at 713-467-5424 to speak with one of our experts.

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