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Holiday Marketing Ideas to Impress Customers and Increase Your Sales this Season

holiday marketing ideas

Holiday marketing is all about showing your customers how you can add extra value to them during the holidays, and less on simply selling them a product or service. Of course to boost sales, you need to attract customers and to do so you need to provide what it is that they’re looking for.

This could include good deals, a great holiday atmosphere, and so much more!

Here we’ve broken down each of these qualities into simple-to-follow holiday marketing ideas:

Offer holiday promotions.

Promotions can include:

  1. Special discounts, competitive pricing or incentives (such as gift with purchase). Individuals are looking not only for discounts on gifts to give, but are likely also looking for areas where they can save money on themselves, since they’re already spending so heavily on gifts for others. This is where any type of business can swoop in and offer special discounts for the season. Take a look at what other businesses in your industry are doing to give you ideas of what you can do for your business. Examples include a buy two meals get one free appetizer discount or a small gift with the purchase of a certain amount.
  2. Gift wrapping services. If your business sells products, then offer to wrap any gifts upon purchase. Gift wrapping can be time-consuming, so helping your customers save time, free of charge, may help them recognize how much your business values their purchase, leading them to make more purchases from you in the future, and can also help you bring in more customers.
  3. Gift cards. No matter what services your business provides, anyone can appreciate a gift card. Whether you provide needed services such as gas to pump cars, or services that would be nice to receive such as massage therapy or fine dining, the point here is that if you don’t have a physical product to sell as a gift, selling gift cards is an easy route to find new customers and get individuals to spend more at your establishment during the holidays.
  4. Extended business hours. Admittedly, everyone is busier during the holiday season. Between seasonal events, spending extra time with family and friends while they’re in town, and constantly having to shop for gifts, food and more, if you’re losing customers right now it might just be because they’re busy. By extending your hours, you open up more available time for them to fit you into their schedule. Plus, if you’re open when your competitors are not, potential customers and clients may be more likely to visit you than wait for your competitor’s business to open up.
  5. Seasonal menus, products or services. This season isn’t just about finding the best deals and saving time though. Most importantly, this season is dedicated to spending quality time with family and friends and enjoying the simple things in life. That’s why everyone gets so much delight from the smell of pine and the beautiful wreaths adorning doorways. It brings nostalgia, happiness, and comfort. Look at the type of business you operate and find ways that you can bring the elements of the season into what you do, so that when customers come to see you, they feel that same delight they get sipping on a hot chocolate watching a holiday movie.

Plan out your online holiday marketing campaigns to promote the products and services you have available.

While all of this so far sounds greats, it doesn’t mean much if customers don’t even know that you’re providing any of this. Therefore, you may want to promote the holiday marketing ideas you’ve acted upon by:

  1. Sending fun emails to customers. If at any point in your business you have collected the emails of customers and clients, it may be a good idea to develop a holiday-related email to send out to them. This can include topics such as a gift guide of your products, details of your current holiday deals, or even rewards for those who have opened the email through a special coupon code. Along with promoting your services, you can also just be genuine with your clients and simply say thank you for using your services. Leading into the New Year, you can even attach a client satisfaction survey for feedback to guide your business’s New Year’s resolutions.
  2. Connecting with customers and clients on social media. It’s clear the imprint social media has made on society so far. On a daily basis, users everywhere constantly check their networks for updates on the accounts they follow and to message not only their friends but also businesses. To reach this audience, your business should not only have an active presence on social media, but also make sure that you’re promoting anything interesting that your business is up to for the holidays.
  3. Updating your website. Not only should you promote any special deals you are offering through social media and email, but anything you’re doing should also be listed directly on your website. Whether you create a page for current specials, or simply find a space to mention them on your front page, it’s integral that anywhere a customer goes online for your business that they know what you’re offering. If you’re selling gift cards, it may also be a good idea to create a gifts tab on your site for them to purchase a virtual gift card that is then emailed to the individual they are purchasing it for.


Update your business’s appearance:

Like we said before though, it’s not just all about the product or service. The holiday season is truly about the experience of it all. Show your customers and clients you care about their experience in your business space with these tips:

  1. Put up holiday decorations. Break out all of the decorations that remind you of the holiday season. Get outside and create that light display for your own business entrance, or stay indoors decorating that showstopper Christmas tree. Even if all you can do is decorate your business space, the aesthetic of your establishment makes a world of a difference in how a customer feels about you. Seeing that you have gone the extra mile to decorate your space, free of charge to your customers, shows them that you’re not just out to take their money, but that you value their business.
  2. Change out your employee uniforms for something nicer. Decorations won’t really matter though if the individuals that are the face of your business are wearing shabby clothing. Take a step back and evaluate what apparel may need to be replaced for something of a higher quality. When it comes to your uniforms, we recommend not only purchasing a quality supply, but renting them through a commercial laundry service. This will help you keep your supply in check, so at no point in time do your uniforms interfere with your overall business.
  3. Make your business look cleaner and more appealing with floor mats and proper dust control. Not only should you have a clean, quality supply of uniforms, but you should also consider the quality of the items that you use to keep your business space clean. Floor mats help prevent your floors from getting overly dirty before you have time to clean again, among other benefits they provide, and a quality mop can make or break how much time it takes for your staff to clean your facility. We recommend getting your floor mats and dust control items from the same quality rental service you plan to receive your linens and uniforms from. This way your bills, deliveries and communication with customer service all comes from one place, making your job quicker and easier.

Boosting the holiday spirits of your staff, customers and clients is easy when you rely on the right laundry service provider. At Gorman Uniform, we provide all of the uniforms, mats, dust control and facility services your business needs to look clean and presentable not only for the holidays, but year-round.

Contact us at 713-467-5424 to learn more about how we can help you improve your business’s aesthetic.

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