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Flight Attendant Uniforms: 13 Uniform Style Lessons From 39,000 Feet

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Uniform style is born on the runway.

Flight attendants have been leading the way in uniform style throughout the history of the airline industry. From the war-inspired fashions of the early 1900s to the laid-back style of the 60s to the put-together professional looks of today, flight attendant uniforms are truly a statement about the times.

If you’re looking to elevate your brand with uniforms, here are 13 flight attendant uniform style lessons from 39,000 feet:

1. Dark colors are the best base

Universally flattering and stain-camouflaging, dark colors like black, gray or navy are classy and serve as the perfect base for your uniforms. Follow in United’s footsteps and consider a dark color to start your uniforms off right.

2. Incorporate company colors

Of course, incorporating your company colors helps your company uniforms blend seamlessly with your brand. Australian airline Qantas adds touches of bright red, their signature color, to their stylish black uniforms.

3. Consider your brand’s history

Singapore Airlines has been using the same uniform for over 40 years. Why? Because it perfectly represents their brand and the experience they’re trying to sell. Select uniforms based on the type of business you run and the elements that have been consistent with your brand over the years.

4. But don’t go overboard with branding

Companies sometimes make the mistake of sticking their brand name on everything, thinking that this helps their brand when sometimes over-saturation can annoy customers. Flight attendant uniforms strike a great balance between branding and style. Gorman offers custom embroidery to help you subtly personalize and promote your brand.

5. Uniforms don’t have to be boring

A uniform isn’t exactly the most fun concept. Airlines, however, have found a way to make uniforms both consistent and unique. Consider how Alitalia uses a variety of colors with the same uniform pattern to provide more visual interest and uniqueness among attendants.

6. Simple is stylish

When in doubt, favor something simple and classic with a few interesting touches. Most airline uniforms, like the uniforms for Air France, tend toward the effortless, and your company uniforms should try to do the same.

7. One size doesn’t fit all

Sometimes business owners will buy uniforms in bulk so they don’t have to go through the trouble of taking each employee into account. But that can hurt your overall business image. Airplane uniforms should be tailored to fit each flight attendant so that everyone on the team looks good.

8. Consider that men and women have different preferences

Airlines have different uniforms, often several, for men and women. While it’s obvious that men and women dress differently and require different fits, sometimes business owners ignore this fact in favor of a bulk uniform choice. Take a note from airlines and create different versions of the same uniform to fit both genders.

9. Be willing to evolve with the times

Airline uniforms have undergone a rapid transformation throughout the decades. If you’ve had the same uniform for years, maybe it’s time to consider a change. The same work clothes that were in style 10 years ago may look old and frumpy now.

10. Layers are a good idea

Airline employees are required to travel frequently between climates, so their uniforms often include blazers or jackets. While your business may not require your employees to fly between rapidly different climates, chances are, the weather around you changes with the seasons. Consider building layers into your employee uniforms so that they’ll be comfortable whether it’s summer or winter.

11. It’s all about details

When it comes to your customers’ experience with your staff, details are everything. Flight attendant style often includes scarves, belts, embroidery and nametags. As a plus, these details are easy to change out. This makes it easy to keep bringing in fresh looks while keeping the essential elements of your company uniform the same.

12. A pop of color is always welcome

Flight attendant uniforms often make use of dark hues while also incorporating bright accent colors. Check out these uniforms by Vueling, which are accentuated by a flashy yellow, or this ensemble worn by JetBlue employees, which layers light blue and orange with a dark blue uniform.

13. Err on the professional side

uniform style

While styles and colors may change, airline uniforms are usually very professional. It’s always better for your employees to look overdressed than underdressed. If you’re not sure which kind of look fits your business, it’s usually better to err on the side of professionalism when it comes to your uniform style.

Are you ready to take your uniform style to new heights? Gorman Uniform’s extensive line of shirts, pants and coats provides the perfect base for your new employee look. Contact us today to learn more.

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