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The Legal Costs of Slip And Fall Accidents

slip and fall accidents

We all know the dangers of slip and fall accidents, and by having floor mats at your entryway and throughout your establishment, you may figure you’re already covered and safe from the threat of lawsuits.

And then it happens. Someone steps onto one of your floor mats and goes sliding across the room. Or the edge of your floor mat is slightly lifted off the floor, allowing an individual to get their foot briefly caught under the mat as they go tumbling down.

But if you’re lucky, that hasn’t happened yet. If you’re lucky, your employees have simply brought up to you that it’s time for new floor mats.

Whether your floor mats are in bad shape already, you’re on your search for your first floor mats for your business or you’re simply browsing for better options, there’s one thing you absolutely must take away from this blog post: a low-quality floor mat will not protect you from the implications of slip and fall accidents.

Costs of Slip and Fall Accidents

If someone slips, trips and falls on your premises, you can assume you will be paying at least $10,000 to $15,000. And that’s for short-term, non-life-altering circumstances. So imagine if someone gets severely injured, or worse. You could end up spending millions of dollars trying to settle the case.

So, by investing in higher-quality floor mats, you’re not just investing in a better business appearance. You’re not even just investing in the safety of your employees and customers. You’re investing in the protection of your business.

Consider These Slip and Fall Hazards

But how do you know if your floor mats need an upgrade? How do you know if your floor mats are a risk for slip and fall accidents? Here are some risks to think about so you can decide if it’s time to swap out your mats for something much better:

  • Weather Conditions: Rain and snow can easily get tracked into your business. Improperly-sized and too-small floor mats cannot cover enough area to prevent these elements from getting onto your floor.
  • Indoor Walking Surfaces: Entryway floor mats are great but they are not the only spot you need a mat. If you don’t have floor mats in locations throughout your facility where slips and falls can happen, such as areas where there are common spills, then you are not taking enough preventative action.
  • Poor Lighting: If your floor mats have raised edges and it’s dark in the room, an employee or customer is not going to be able to see the potential hazard of tripping on the mat.
  • Neglected Floor Mats: There is so much that goes into floor mat care that so often gets neglected. If floor mats are not cleaned regularly, they lose their ability to trap dirt. If they are not replaced when damaged, individuals can trip on the frayed edges. If they lose their adhesiveness to the floor, an individual can step on them and go sliding.

How To Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents With Proper Floor Mats

slip and fall accidents

So, it’s clear that you need better floor mats in the right locations to prevent slip and fall accidents. But it’s important to not make the same mistake and end up accidentally purchasing the wrong mats. Here’s what you should do:

  • Analyze your history of slip and fall accidents: First things first, you need to evaluate where floor mats are needed. To do this, think of any obvious areas where there are frequent spills, dust, or just general slipperiness. Then look at your company’s past history with slip and falls. Anywhere you may have had a slip and fall in the past is probably a good indication of where you’re going to need a floor mat.
  • Listen to your employees and customers: Don’t just wait for the slip and falls to happen before you decide to put a floor mat there. If your employees or customers ever express concern about an area where they can potentially slip, don’t ignore them. Hear them out and consider putting floor mats there for both their and your peace of mind.
  • Select the right type of high-quality floor mats: It’s not as simple as just purchasing a mat. It’s about understanding specifically what type of floor mats you need in each essential location in your establishment. For example, do you need a heavy-duty bar mat or an anti-static mat?
  • Regularly maintain your floor mats: Floor mats need regular cleaning to ensure their effectiveness. With a mat service program, you can have professionals take care of your mats for you so that they always stay in the best shape.

Finding your own high-quality mats for each individual location in your business space may seem like a daunting task. Especially with mat terms thrown around that you may not be 100% familiar with. That’s why, to get the best floor mat results, you should work with a professional mat service who understands the needs of your individual business and makes recommendations that count. Not only this, but you should work with a mat service that will stick with you throughout the ride, coming back to maintain your mats for you so you never have to worry about a slip and fall from your mats again.

That’s where Gorman comes in. We have everything under the sun when it comes to mats. Whether you need commercial floor mats, high-traffic protection mats, anti-fatigue mats or more, we have your mat needs covered.

Contact us at Gorman today at 713-467-5424 to get started with a mat service that cares about you, your business and the safety of your employees and customers.

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