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The Many Coats of Gorman Uniform’s Coat Rental

Coat Rental by Gorman Uniform

Are you in the market for coats for your facility? We have the coats needed by every industry! Read below to learn more about the many, many coats of Gorman Uniform.

Counter Coat Rental

Classic, sleek, and clean, our counter coats selection stands out in form – making them ideal for use in customer-facing positions. Add these short-sleeved counter favorites to any outfit and instantly add a sense of scientific credibility to your look.

Traditionally, pharmacists wore counter coats to maintain a medical professional’s appearance and ease of movement. They also didn’t need or want the restrictive coverage traditional lab coats provide.  

Counter coats are now popular amongst many customer-facing positions in brands looking to appear both professional and functional.  

Butcher Coat Rental

Full coverage with double-breasted lapels, butcher coats from Gorman Uniform meet form and function plus protection! Our butcher coats work seamlessly in front of the counter as much as they do in the food processing facilities to match smocks and aprons.

They are easy to don on and off, without risk of contaminating the wearer or the sterile surface of a food processing facility. Our butcher coats’ low maintenance and high quality, makes it easy to keep them clean and fresh for a long time.

Lab Coat Rental

Our fully functional lab coats improve wearer coverage and comfort. Whether you’re getting them for your doctors who are always on the go, or for the busy techs, engineers, and scientists cooped up in your laboratories, Gorman’s lab coats can keep up!

Their pragmatic design not only provides coverage but is also made to fit snugly enough to help promote ease of movement, easy wearing, and even easier removal. They are safe, comfortable, and high quality. With the right maintenance, they’ll stay that way for a much longer time than other lab coats on the market.   

Shop Coats

Looking for the protection of coveralls without the bulk? Gorman Uniform has the right coats for that! Our shop coats are designed for casual wear with a touch of heavy-duty work. They are ideal for use in businesses where some grease, soil, and dust are expected.

They are very light to wear but provide ample upper body and extremities coverage so they can still protect their wearer without wearing them down like heavy coveralls would. These shop coats are ideal for use in gardening supplies stores, hardware, agricultural technology, etc.

Product and Service Excellence with Gorman Uniform

In this day and age, it’s not hard to find a coat supply and service provider. Jump on the internet and the results will come flooding in the tens of thousands. What’s hard to find are reliable quality products and an even more dependable maintenance service for your coats.

Whether you’re in the retail, healthcare, or automotive industry, your need for high quality coats remains the same. Gorman Uniform is just the right company to bring you them. With our reputation for the high quality of the products that we offer and our certified Hygienically Clean facilities and laundry processes, Gorman Uniform offers your facility the complete security that you need.

Contact Gorman Uniform Today!

We’re here to help you get the coats you need. Call us today at (713) 467-5424 or drop us a message here. We’ll gladly walk you through all of your options.


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