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3 Simple Holiday Office Party Ideas

As the holidays near, you are likely getting bombarded with questions from employees about whether there will be an office party, gift exchange or holiday dinner. But with your busy schedule, do you even have time to plan anything?

You do now. Here are 3 easy company holiday party ideas to help you create a lasting, fun event for your hard-working staff:

Classic Holiday Breakfast


Every year, many companies set up a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. Why not continue the tradition? This gives employees a chance to get to know each other better, potentially leading to a stronger team in the future! Make sure to set a certain expense amount so no individual is spending too much or too little.


The easy thing about a classic holiday party is that it is classic! Finding decorations for your party will be a no-brainer as any holiday decorations will do. If you’re still stumped, some ideas would be a holiday tree to put the gifts under, festive tablecloths, fairy lights, and other holiday-related knick knacks.


Breakfast food is easy to make and super cheap. Go continental with muffins, bagels, pastries, fruit, coffee and orange juice. Or, break out the griddle for a hearty meal with bacon, pancakes, scrambled eggs, coffee and orange juice. Add some holiday donuts for a festive touch.


It wouldn’t be a classic holiday party without ugly Christmas sweaters! You can either make this a competition with a prize, or just for employees to dress up for fun. Alternatively, try some Christmas-themed pajamas, because nothing’s better than breakfast in your PJs.



To give employees a bit of change from all the other holiday parties they’re likely attending, have them put in a vote for the decade they want to theme their party around. Your party activity should revolve around this particular decade. Focus on throwback music and games. To make the party more holiday-related, add in some Christmas covers that were recorded during that decade.


This theme is great if you don’t want to go too extreme with decorations. Focus on the style of the decade.


Feature foods or drinks that are specific to the decade. For example, if you are throwing a 1990s-themed party, you may want to use Capri Sun or Hawaiian Punch as mixers.


Ask employees to dress in decade-inspired styles according to the time. You can even have a best-dressed competition to see who looks the most like they live in that decade.


Around the World


Ahead of time, have employees designate which country/region they would like to represent. You can do a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange with a twist. Employees should bring in a gift that represents their selected country. 


To make things easier on yourself if you are short on time, you can have each employee bring a decoration related to their country. They can then find a spot and put up their decoration. This will be great for party pictures!


Again, this is little work on your part. Throw a pot luck! This is great if you have employees who celebrate winter holidays other than Christmas. Have everyone bring in a dish that represents their chosen country and what they would eat around the holidays. Examples of potential dishes are potato latkes or paella.


Each employee should wear as part of their outfit something traditional and representative of the country they have chosen.

These 3 holiday office party ideas are great for whipping up a last-minute event, getting to know your employees better, and leaving lasting memories.

During the excitement, don’t forget to keep your office space clean and safe. Contact Gorman to learn more about our floor mats, dust control, and facility services. We’ll get your office looking great again after the festivities!

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