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Best Mats for Your Restaurant

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One of the most common mistakes restaurant owners and managers make is buying mats that are not suitable for the business. Generic mats can only do so much to protect your floors, let alone protect your customers and employees. 

Only the best mats will fully protect your floors, employees, and patrons. Here’s a list of floor mats that offer the most for your restaurant:

Logo Mats

Logo mats are your restaurant’s handy and fully-functional marketing tools. With the right material and top-notch graphic quality, logo mats can help bring your brand forward right where it matters. If logo mats aren’t enough, you can fully customize your mats with various graphics and messages! They are especially ideal for lobbies and entrances.  

Counter Mats 

Counter mats are perfect, especially for fast food-type restaurants and diners where the customers approach the counters. They are also ideal for use in bars. These high-quality floor mats are designed to protect your floors against heavy foot traffic, so they are most ideal for your busiest areas.

Kitchen Floor Protectors

Designed specifically for use in the kitchen, kitchen floor protectors are ready for anything. Considering the host of hazards that threaten the floor and employees: grease, moisture, static – kitchen floor protectors are a must. Some floor protectors are even equipped with specialized antibacterial capabilities as well as anti-fatigue features.  

Delivery Area Mats

Delivery area mats are heavy duty mats designed for areas frequently battered by heavy items. They have superior traction to protect delivery personnel from slip and fall accidents, and are extra thick to protect your flooring from excess weight and foot traffic.

Heavy Duty Bar Mats

Bar mats protect your bar area not just from heavy foot traffic, but also from spills. With added traction and spill-control features, your bartenders are ensured dry, non-sticky floors that will last for their entire shift.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

You can use anti-fatigue mats in many different areas of your restaurant. They are especially useful for cooking stations. They provide lower limb-support for employees who have to be on their feet for long periods of time. You can also put anti-fatigue mats at dishwashing stations and reception desks.  

Quality Mats for Your Restaurant

It isn’t enough to just have the right kind of floor mats for your business. You need the best, most durable and reliable quality to last and protect your floors and customers. 

For restaurant floor mats that you can completely depend on, contact Gorman Uniform! We have the widest selection of floor mats for restaurants and other food service businesses to choose from – from basic logo mats to heavy-duty anti-fatigue mats.

Give Gorman Uniform a Call Today!

With Gorman Uniform, you can expect nothing short of the best floor mat quality and an impeccable maintenance service. Get in touch with us at (713) 467-5424 to speak with a representative about our mat products and services!  

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