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Are Hand Dryers Sanitary?

are hand dryers sanitary

Which is more sanitary: hand dryers or paper towels?

Preventing the spread of disease-carrying bacteria doesn’t end with hand washing. Effective hand drying is just as important as it has been found that moisture retained on the hands after washing allows for the easy transfer of bacteria upon contact with a contaminated object.

Soap and water are simply not enough to prevent our hands from carrying dangerous bacteria. This is why we spend so much on hand dryers. But is it enough? Are we using the right tools to prevent the spread of disease? Or are they making it worse?

Hand dryers may be the culprit.

While we may already have found better and more effective ways to remove bacteria from our hands using proper hand washing techniques – such as the use of antimicrobial soap over regular soap – we may be unwittingly compromising the efficacy of said methods by using air hand dryers.

  • Air hand dryers have been found to be less effective in completely removing residual moisture on hands. It takes 45 seconds of hot air drying to remove only 3% of residual moisture where it only takes 10 seconds to remove 95% of moisture using paper towels. With residual moisture being a prime culprit in bacterial transfer – which can occur within immediate contact, drying time is critical.
  • Rubbing hands together while drying them in both warm and jet air dryers has been found to be one of the biggest culprits in post-hand washing bacterial spread. Because air dryers take such a long time to remove residual moisture, most people tend to rub their hands together, therefore spreading germs.
  • Air dryers spread airborne bacteria to up to three feet, effectively helping these nasty particles transmit to hair, skin, and clothing.
  • Hot air dryers and jet air dryers have been found to increase bacteria on washed hands, so if you’re going to dry your hands with a hot air dryer, is washing your hands even worth it in the first place?

Paper towels are the solution.

With the risk of catching anything from diarrhea to respiratory infections, proper hand washing and hand drying methods are essential. As air dryers prove to be largely ineffective for the purpose of sanitation, it only is logical to turn to paper towels instead.

Paper towels are better at removing residual moisture, they don’t spread diseases like air dryers do, they’re cheaper and they’re not necessarily wasteful.

Aside from the obvious sanitary advantage, paper towels are the more preferred hand drying method. This means that equipping your business’ restrooms and washing stations with paper towels will encourage your customers and workers to dry their hands more thoroughly.

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