Responsive & Professional Team!

Over 60+ Years of Experience as A Uniform Rental Provider

For over 60 years, our experience has created a responsive, professional team offering flexible uniform programs tailored to meet your needs.

Our single source uniform programs guarantee colors, sizes and styles will always be consistent.

At Gorman, you deal directly with decision makers. No tangled corporate red tape so your uniform program is hassle free. Our managers are assigned specific account responsibility ensuring your needs are met. But most importantly, our easy to understand Service Agreement is the strongest in the industry.

Now’s a perfect time to give us a call. You’ll love our personalized service, abundant selections and uniform rental programs.

Next Level Care & Cleaning

State of the Art Cleaning. By using high grade, low alkaline soaps we effectively remove 98% of all oils and grease that you may contact, plus it reduces the chances of skin irritation. Our state-of-the-art computerized dispensing system ensures that the proper amount of detergents are used in the wash process.

Garment Inspection Process. Trained Quality Inspectors examine 100% of the turned-in garments for rips, tears, holes, and missing buttons. When a repair is necessary, the garment is immediately pulled and mended, then returned in good condition at no extra charge.

Next level inspection!

We want to be in touch!

Quality Service & Communication

Personalized Services. We offer fast responses to your needs with:

  • 24 hour turnaround to your requests
  • In-House Customer Service Managers handling phone requests
  • Computerized pagers allow immediate communication to our Service Representatives
  • In-house graphics team to help design your customized company emblems and logos

Communication. We want to be in touch, so we’ve established multiple channels of communication between Gorman Uniform and your company such as:

  • The Gorman Uniform Satisfaction Survey allows us to make sure you’re happy with Gorman’s service. We use a nonpartisan company to check the status of your uniform program, ensuring your service is top-of-the-line.
  • When your call comes into Gorman Uniform, a live personal Customer Service Representative answers and ensures that your requests are not only met, but followed-up in a timely manner.

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