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Founded in 1948, Gorman began as Gorman Cleaners, a professional dry cleaning facility (which the family still owns and operates today). Their reputation was built on offering each customer meticulous attention to their wardrobes. By 1971, with their blend of stringent quality, customer service and convenience, they expanded their operations and expertise into uniform services.

Community Leadership

Since those early days, Gorman has grown to become a community leader, offering innovative technology that has transformed Houston’s uniform industry. They offer services that are typically only found in large industrial laundries with the careful attention to detail that began from the Gorman roots, the very nature of their background.

Transforming Houston’s uniform industry!

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Contact us here at Gorman Uniform for a high quality uniform service which is beneficial for the environment. Give us a call at 713-467-5424 for a quote on our service. We are here to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding our uniform service, or overall service in general. We will plan out a price schedule for you which best matches your needs and budget.

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