3.5 Billion Hangers!

Environmentally-Friendly Laundry Service

Gorman Uniform is proud to announce that we are consistently making extreme efforts in going green with its commercial laundry service. We take pride in our eco-friendly laundry services for you uniform rentals. Over 3.5 billion hangers each year get tossed to landfills. This is dangerous for the environment, and fills up landfills immensely. Therefore, we have initiated a going green process which ensures safety for the environment. We care about the environment and are constantly finding new ways to make eco-friendly benefits. Our newest method is by reusing uniform hangers in our business.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Service and Uniform Service

Our service is not only eco-friendly, we also make sure to provide high grade service. We provide uniforms which are affordable and exceptional quality. Our service makes sure to provide on-time delivery. Our delivery team ensures that you receive all of the items that you are expecting, with no wait time. Our customer service team is constantly available for you whenever you have any questions or concerns regarding your uniform service. We will be sure to help you with anything that you need.

On-Time Deliveries!

On-Time Deliveries!

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Contact us here at Gorman Uniform for a high-quality uniform service which is beneficial for the environment. Give us a call at 713-467-5424 for a quote on our service. We are here to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding our uniform service or overall service in general. We will plan out a price schedule for you which best matches your needs and budget.

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